At Broadview Chiropractic & Health Center, our goal is to see you get well and stay healthy. We provide high-quality chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and wellness services so you can lead the active, pain-free lifestyle you deserve. Whether you're experiencing joint pain, soreness from an injury, just seeking nutritional advice, or have already made chiropractic part of your healthy lifestyle, you've come to the right place. 

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Our chiropractors in Broadview Heights, OH, are committed to helping you achieve total Wellness so you can focus on doing what you love. Additionally, our talented clinicians will listen to your Goals so they can better understand your condition and challenges. You'll then be given a thorough physical examination and assessment before receiving a personalized treatment plan SPECIFIC to your needs and goals. Questions are encouraged as we want you to take an active role in your Treatment Plan.

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When you want to be healthy and pain-free, you need Broadview Heights Chiropractic & Health Center.
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Our Mission

Broadview Chiropractic & Health Center provides you with the latest and most effective chiropractic, wellness and rehab care, right in your neighborhood. We are not the largest chiropractor by design, and that is what allows us to provide each patient with personal treatment for your specialized needs.

What our Patients Say

"Doctor, I am emailing to let you know that I just ran 3 miles today...on the 2 year anniversary of my being admitted to the hospital with back pain. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my health. You’ve improved my quality of life drastically. I am so much happier being able to spend time with my family pain free. Feeling more confident with every run!" –  Leslie

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Workers Comp

Post Date: 08-13-2019

It can be painful - literally and figuratively - when you have a workers comp claim. Dr. Matt Stasek, D.C. explains how to ensure a smooth process and get the right care.


Chiropractic for Blood Pressure?

Post Date: 08-01-2019

Yes! It may sound strange, but Chiropractic care can help reduce High Blood Pressure.


Suzanne's Story

Post Date: 07-16-2019

Suzanne shares how Broadview Chiropractic and Health Center provided gentle care to heal her back, enabling her to enjoy a more active lifestyle than ever before.


Shoulder Pain

Post Date: 06-26-2019

Do you experience recurring shoulder pain, popping or clicking in your back? Learn what could be the cause, and how we treat it.

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Eat Right, Move Right

We additionally specialize in Doctor Supervised weight loss. We focus on lifestyle changes. We educate you for quick
and safe yet permanent weight loss.

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