"I had pain in my upper back and shoulder for several months that continued to worsen. For 4 months I took OTC meds for the pain but they did NOT work. After adjustments and specific exercises from the doctors at Broadview Chiropractic, I have now returned to normal activity and mobility and don't have any pain! Thank you for your excellent program and caring manner.  Your entire office works so well together.​" – Janis S.

“The Doctors and Staff are nice and know what they are doing.  I tried therapy and pain medications and there was no change, only increasing health care bills.  Already I am able to sleep better, I feel my posture has improved, and I am starting to hike again (which I LOVE).  ”      – Rucci C., Parma 

"I have tried other chiropractors before but Broadview Chiropractic is the first to help me not be in pain anymore.  Dr. Matt told me about the Decompression and I didn’t think it was going to do anything different but it really worked!  Work is better, I sleep better and even driving is comfortable now.  I feel so much better  and I tell everyone to go see them.  The location is convenient and there service is friendly and professional."       –  Randy N. 

“The Doctors are Great, the staff is Awesome, the facility is clean and it was easy to schedule appointments that worked for me. The Spinal Decompression WORKS!! My low back pain levels were a “9” out of 10 when I started. Now they are a “2” and I no longer have pain shooting into the leg. I am more active now and walking and just getting out of bed in the morning are pain free.”      – Noreen J., Seven Hills


"For the past 4 years, I had low back pain and shooting pain down my legs, making them numb. At times, I couldn’t sleep or lay down, or bend. I couldn’t swim in our school meets or go biking. Back braces and physical therapy didn’t work. Now I am pain free and feel normal again! I have referred most of my family to Dr. Frank Dachtler, and they are feeling great also. They are thorough, polite and very experienced!" – Stephanie S., Parma  
"Cluster and Sinus Headaches. I tried sinus surgery and pain medication. My headaches caused me to miss a lot of work and I had difficulty sleeping. Broadview Chiropractic solved my headache problems when no one else could and I am very greatful! I sleep better, function better and function normally now." – Todd V.

Car Accidents

"I am doing so much better. Work is easier and I am back to doing the things I like. I know the treatment works because I saw it myself.” – Michael S., Brecksville

“I was involved in a Car accident and injured my back, neck and ribs. The medicine I was prescribed didn’t help and actually made my stomach upset. I was unable to exercise or jog and even sleeping was difficult. After a couple weeks of treatment, my pain is going away and I am able to do the exercises in the office. I am sleeping normal and my energy levels are rapidly coming back.  
One of the biggest benefits I feel is the staff. Their support and consideration keeps me motivated and helps my progress. They are professional and are handling all of the paperwork which makes it easier. I look forward to my appointments there.”    

 – Bernard C., Cleveland

Leg, Neck, Back Pain

"Doctor, I am emailing to let you know that I just ran 3 miles today...on the 2 year anniversary of my being admitted to the hospital with back pain. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my health. You’ve improved my quality of life drastically. I am so much happier being able to spend time with my family pain free. Feeling more confident with every run!" – Leslie 
"No more sharp pain in the back or legs and I have been able to sit in the bleachers for my daughters games without any pain or incident for the first time ever! I feel more flexible also which makes work (carpenter) easier and more enjoyable." – Sam S., Parma 
"I had shooting pain into the legs and couldn’t exercise, walk, sleep through the night or even put on my socks. Within a couple weeks the leg pain was gone and I am exercising (but carefully) again! I am so happy with the results." – Kevin K., Broadview Hts. 
"I had a pinched nerve in the neck. Pain levels have decreased significantly already and now I can sleep through the night, stand and sit without pain which makes work a lot easier." – Scott P., Brunswick 
"I was not able to do anything because of the back pain. I tried four other chiropractors with limited improvement. The Spinal Decompression increased my flexibility and a substantial decrease in my back pain. I think nearly anyone would benefit from being checked by my chiropractor. Thank you for the encouragement to improve my health and well-being!" – Don F., Copley 

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